33 God’s Word and Desires

In this epsiode we are looking at the CPT for James 1:12-18. The CPT (Central Proposition of the Text) is more than just a summary. It is a specific statement that includes the context and purpose of the text, as best as we can determine. It also considers both the immediate and larger contexts. It is very pointed.

I discuss several questions that help us find the CPT, and I answer the questions as they relate to this specific biblical text.

James 1:12-18 is about desires. Specifically, it is saying that the way to overcome temptation and the process of death is to learn about desires and learn to desire the right things. As we go through this text, the discussion brings out the force of this very practical information. It has the potential to change your life!

I am also introducing a new section for the podcast: Tool Tips. I will highlight different tools that I use or that are useful to others in Bible study. My hope is that you will find more tools to use.

In this episode I am introducing e-Sword. It is a powerful program that you will find extremely useful.

Have you used it? What Bible program do you use? Comment below!

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