34 The Purpose of Pointing Fingers

The Purpose Bridge represents the attempt to bridge the gap between what the Bible says and how it works in everyday life. Sometimes that is a small gap, other times it is a challenge to find the connection. Whatever the case, the Purpose Bridge is worth the effort.

The importance of this step can only be seen if you have the right motivation for your study. If you want to study to help yourself and others, as a service to others, then this is one of the most important steps in the process. It does no good to understand the text if we do not take time to understand how to apply it. In fact, if you cannot understand how to apply the text, you don’t truly have a complete understanding of it.

In this episode I go over several questions that I normally use in this step, and I reveal how I answer them. These answers will change to some degree based upon the audience. It’s not that the meaning changes. The application of the text changes how it is expressed.Bridge 2

The idea of pointing fingers refers to two ideas. The first is what is mentioned in the text itself–that we cannot blame God for our temptations. It is important that we understand that, because it forces us to as the question, “Who then is to blame?”

The second idea of pointing fingers (mentioned in the title) lies in application. To apply a text, we must “point fingers” (though not literally). We must understand and address the audience. The most important question for this section is, “Why am I teaching this?” The answer is NOT “Because it was the next section in the text”, or “I was assigned this text.” The answer relates to what the text teaches and what possible applications are available. There are always several applications, and it is up to the one teaching to decide which to use.

How do you decide which application to use? If we remember that we are doing this out of love, for the best interests of others, we will answer that question based upon the audience and not what is easiest or what is more meaningful to us.


The link to the Tool Tip is below. Download it and read through it. You’ll see how valuable it is in study!

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