Toward More Effective Evangelism (Mark 1:1-8)

John heralded Jesus, but Mark heralded John.

The decision to include John in the first eight verses of Mark’s book taught us some great lessons. On the surface, it seems that it is merely introductory materials. As with all Bible passages, however, there is always something to learn. The Bible is designed to increase our faith. It calls on us to stretch and grow–to seek those “actionable nuggets” that we can do right now.

This passage is no exception. This calls us to more effective evangelism.

Upon first glance there is not much there, but as you dig in, you notice more and more! If you have been following along in the podcast episodes, you know what I am talking about. If you want to learn the process, work through these short episodes:

Episode 2: Discovering the basic ideas of the text and organizing them.

Episode 3: Developing the CPT (central proposition of the text)

Episode 4: Developing the Purpose Bridge (bridging the gap between the text and real life)

Episode 5: Developing the personal application and the CPL (central proposition of a lesson)

These all look at the text from different perspectives and with different goals. (I think that you will not have a problem selecting one or two and listening to them. They build on each other but I think there is enough explanations in each that you will not have difficulties.) See what you think and let me know your questions or realizations you gain from the text. I love to learn and I love when others share their discoveries with me–whether the discoveries are large or small!

My work through this passage led me to create a PDF list of 7 Steps toward effective evangelism. These are 7 important points learned from the text that will help us be more aware of others and how we can help them in their walk with God.

Download your free copy by clicking the PDF below. Enjoy! I hope that it adds a little to your faith. These 7 steps are not anything you have never heard, but they do represent what made John such a great herald for Jesus. In a way, that’s all any Christians are trying to do.

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