What Is Constructing Faith All About?

It’s unfortunate that many people read the Bible and never take the time to dig in and learn all they can. Then again, maybe no one ever took the time to teach the process. Well there is good news here: You CAN understand the Bible and apply it to your life.

Some people might not think it’s all that important to be able to apply the Bible, but it’s in the application that our faith grows and we begin to develop the mindset and lifestyle that pleases God. So your very future will be improved dramatically by taking the time to apply the Bible.

How do you do that? That’s where I come in. Oh, there are lots of people in the religious world who will tell you what the Bible says, but fewer who take the time to study it. I am honored to know many of those people who will take the tme to study, and I can’t want to meet more! But even these great men and women might not take the time to walk you step-by-step through the process of learning how to study and make applictions yourself. Sometimes we are left to ourselves to figure out the best way.

My goal is to remedy that lack of instruction. It’s not an insult to the great men and women who are faithful to the Bible. There is only so much any one person can do. I just happen to LOVE teaching this kind of thing! And I want to share what I have learned with you.

I’m on a journey of discovery myself. There are so many depths and layers I have yet to uncover. But I want to go there, and I want you to come along with me. We can learn and grow together!

Here’s what you will get from Constructing Faith

  • Principles. These are what succesful preachers and Bible class teachers use to create materials that really make a difference in lives.
  • Encouragement. You’ll have all the motivation you need to dig in and and deliver your best work.
  • Notes. I will be transparent in this process. You’ll see the notes I take when studying through a text.
  • Outlines. I’ll share what I develop.
  • Applications. Not only will you see what I am doing and applying to myself (part of being “transparent”) but I’ll share other ideas for how the text could apply in other areas and to other people.
  • Insights. It’s one thing to explain a text. It’s another thing altogether to explain the thinking behind the explanation. But “Constructing Faith” goes even one more step. Learn the principles and the reasons that the “thinking behind the explanation” developed in the first place. In other words–instead of giving a man a fish, Constructing Faith teaches that man to decide whether fish or turkey is what he should serve and then shows him how to get it and prepare it. (Many people can explain the meaning of John 3:16. Others go further and tell you the thinking that goes into the explanation–what particular words mean, how it should be understood based on proper interpretation and application of relevant Bible passages. I will go even one more step and show you why the passage was there to begin with, reveal different methods of explanation, discuss why one method might be better than another, and provide ideas for how you would go about explaining this in view of various other cultures, audiences, what they are seeking, etc.)
  • Richness. I LOVE the Bible. It is by far the most interesting and powerful book ever written. I hope to share with you that passion so that you can see with me the incredible richness and genius of this marvelous book. You’ll walk away with greater appreciation of the Bible and a certainty that there is no possible way this came from human invention. It’s just too amazing to consider that as an option!
  • FAITH. This should not be a surprise. After all, this is about constructing faith in God one Bible passage at a time. Instead of only learning a few doctrines and commandments, you’ll be able to build on the basics and see rich and fulfilling faith develop in your life.
  • Change. Since faith without works is dead, when we go through passages, I will be encouraging growth and pointing out goals and plans for achieving more in your walk with God. And when we do things we normally do not do, we will see that our lives change for the better. Religion that does not change you is not real.

I look forward to serving you.