Authenticity Is The “Secret Sauce”

[vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Authenticity is a popular concept. The more information overload we face, the more important the idea becomes. People gravitate to what they perceive as authentic people.

While that is a little subjective, it is important to realize that trend. To be effective in bringing others to Christ, we must learn what is required in order to be “real”.

The world around us tells us that “the answer lies within”. It indoctrinates us with the importance of “being YOU” and “be all you can be”. In their own proper balance, those are worthy pursuits, but often the idea of a “pursuit” is ignored in favor of just being yourself–whoever that is at this point.

Some of that is based in humanism and some is based in atheism. The humanistic influence teaches us that we are the ultimate measure of truth. If we want to be “happy” then we must learn to accept that who we are is “good enough” No one should ever be asked to change because that is a denial of the “self” that humanism glorifies, and (in a sense) deifies.

The atheistic influence tells us that we are only able to be what our genetics determine we will be. “Being me” is all that I can be and I must accept that. These people do not believe in free will. We are what we are. Therefore, the highest form of “honesty” lies in our ability to express who we are.

A Christian, however, would understand that who we are is inadequate. Who we can become is what spurs us on. We have no reason to live a defeated life because we admit our weaknesses. In fact, the very message of the cross tells us to look ahead to Jesus being formed in us. Simply put, we were created to be more than we are now. “Being authentic” means that we live up to what we have been called to be–children of God. We have PURPOSE. We have the ability to escape the confines of this life by taking on the attributes of God Himself. There is no better life!

This is the message that will help us more effectively influence others. If we will BE what God calls us to be, if we will make our lives the message, if we will live what we teach, we will find better success.

This is the example from John the Baptist. He embodied the message of repentance. Because of his authenticity with God, others were drawn to him and his message.

What should we do? Be real. Be authentic. Let others see you and make sure that you put God’s attitudes and actions into your heart so that what is revealed is Jesus.

What can you do today to be more “real”?

For a presentation of a lesson based on this study, go to this episode of the Constructing Faith Podcast.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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