What Was God Thinking?

Do you have a goal for your life? How are you doing with it? My biggest problem is consistency. I love to start, but don’t always finish my plans, especially long-range ones. I lose focus. I find other things to interest me instead.┬áSometimes that is because the goal is not as important as I thought it was. Sometimes I allow more interesting things to distract me.

Human nature struggles against our best intentions, but God focuses. He plans. He endeavors.

Thousands of years and 66 books in the Bible revealed God’s persistence, but no one knew what accomplishment He sought. He labored through and around human will, sin, and failures, navigating and bringing about the desired end.

I can’t comprehend how that worked, but Paul showed us that God planned it all from the start.

Imagine the eternal

Imagine for a moment that you were an infinite being and lived eternally. You had all power and all knowledge. Think that you possessed all wisdom that could exist, and all the peace and contentment that is possible. It’s a difficult exercise, but are you picturing it a little?

Now, think for a moment about these two questions:

  1. What would you need?
  2. What motive would you have to do anything?

Most of us are driven by our various needs. Hopefully, we assess those needs and find the ways God provided for meeting those needs appropriately and in godly fashion. Our desires stem from the needs God created within us. And those needs imply lack.

But God has no lack.

He is complete. He has everything He needs and is content.

So, why go through all of the processes of bringing to fruition His plans in this world?

Why create the plans to begin with?

Lesser questions

I openly admit that these matters are too weighty for me. I suspect that we will spend eternity searching out the “unsearchable riches” of Christ.

But I am thankful that I can know the answer to some lesser questions without grappling with the largest ones. A lesser question is this: Given that God started this whole process for His own reasons, what did He seek to accomplish on earth?

What would you think to accomplish if you were in His shoes?

God sought to bring humanity together into one group. Not everyone would fit into this group, but it would span the globe.

That is the central message of Ephesians 1:3-10.

You might think He did not accomplish it, but that would only reveal a physical focus and not a spiritual one. It would also betray a different understanding of what exactly God sought to accomplish. The book of Ephesians carefully lays out what God sought, and then shows us how to live as a result. Through His wisdom, He accomplished the “impossible”. He united His people in one family.

I’ll save the biggest questions for eternal research. But I will pursue a better understanding of these other weighty questions because Paul sought to explain them.

The explanation reveals motive and purpose in God that transfer into practical application for humans. We are made holy and without blemish so that we can take part in God’s eternal plan. This book will walk us through what that means for how I live today.

See you tomorrow!


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