22 What A Paralyzed Man Learned 2000 Years Ago That Can Change Your Life

I used to think that the distractions of life keep us from noticing–as if we are so blinded that we cannot see the eternal question–What difference does my life make in the end?

But it’s beyond that question really. Some people want to create “legacy” so they will be remembered after they die. It’s a way to stand and fight the voidness. But even those people we know from ages past, what good have they done in the grand scheme of things?

According to atheistic-evolutionary thought, the world will end with a whimper. Perhaps the sun will supernova, but it will be all over one day. And then what of the earth? What of the billions of lives that have lived on it so far? What DIFFERENCE will it make then what you do today? You can’t change anything or create anything that will mean anything. When it’s over, it’s just over. So your memory, your work, your money, your life…they mean nothing at all.

What a depressing idea!

No wonder we often try to distract ourselves with the latest games, movies, business ventures, and hobbies.

No wonder we try so hard to “make a difference” in business, money, building families, building better civilizations, etc. We’re facing the voidness and deciding to try to make things better.

But, at the end of the day, it’s still there.

The message of the Bible is not “get religion and make life seem more worthwhile while you are living”.

The message is, “THIS is what life is about. THIS is why you are here. THIS is why at the end, when everything is over, it DOES matter who you are and how you live. Even billions of years from now, it will matter.

Someone called religion the “opiate of the masses”. That’s more a description of facebook and cellphones. Religion isn’t an opiate or an escape. It is expression of reality. It is the revelation of God. It is the revelation of the only possible VALUE your life can possess. And what value!

How’s your relationship with God?

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