25 How To Lead Others By The Way You See Them

Hopefully, we all have people in our lives who inspire us and make us want to improve ourselves. What is that quality? How do they do it? And how did Jesus do such a masterful job at changing the lives of the people He touched while living on earth so long ago?

From episode 14 we learned that Jesus expressed Deity through His leadership, authority, compassion, and focus. By using those, He was able to call and influence people toward greatness.

One of the reasons He was so successful at bringing out the best in others was because He approached others as equals. When we learn to do that, we will have more influence.

Approaching people as equals implies that we respect them and think the best for them. It means that we see them for who they can be, helping them see their own potential. It means getting on their level and helping them see that they are capable of growth and development.

Jesus was the master of this. Learn from Him and become a superior leader yourself.

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