32 Finding the Keys to James 1:12-18

In this episode of Constructing Faith, I reveal what I think are some of the most important words and concepts in James 1:12-18. By looking at the words of a text and deciding what are the most important ones, we begin to see a hierarchy that develops into an outline of the text.

The whole purpose of outlining the text is to help us better understand what is there, to get the Big Idea, which is also called the Central Proposition of the Text (CPT). So we look at the words and how they relate to one another.

My hope is that you will find encouragement to dig into the Bible on your own and find the rich enjoyment of Bible study!

As we look at the concepts in the text, an outline begins to take shape and we see a strong contrast being made. The contrast lies in what God accomplishes and what our selfish desires accomplish. God brings forth LIFE, and our sinful desires bring forth spiritual death.

Based on that, it is easy to see where a lesson like this can go, but don’t get ahead of yourself! I’ve made the mistake of running with a thought from a passage only later finding that I didn’t really grasp the deeper significance of the passage. The goal is to first get everything we can out of it, and then we can better determine what we will use from it. But without knowing what is there (to the best of our ability) we cannot possibly make the best decisions about what we will use from it.

Don’t settle for surface explanations. Dare to go deeper into the word. THAT’s when your faith will really begin to mature!

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