Episode 5, Mark 1:1-8, Applications


The text of Mark 1:1-8 is explained and the applications made for a specific audience. This is what the whole series of steps has been building toward!


  • […] Episode 5: Developing the personal application and the CPL (central proposition of a lesson) […]

  • […] This study led me to concentrate on my own weaknesses in my ability to influence others. It caused me to make plans for how I can grow in that regard. And it calls for me to ask others to consider their own ability to influence others. You can hear a discussion of those applications in this episode. […]

  • […] The heart of the passage can be summed up in the word “acceptance“. ¬†In considering the text, needs of the audience, and other questions¬†a purpose for a lesson was determined. After the purpose was determined, the passage was applied on a personal level. […]

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