8 Mark 1:9-15, Steps 1 and 2

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In this episode we begin looking at Mark 1:9-15. We’re looking for key words and an outline of the text. This process will help us see what is imost important in the text as we work on developing the central idea and applicatations from it.

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Determining the meaning of a text has everything to do with noticing what’s there. The first step in discovery is to read through the text and note the important words. Here are the important words of Mark 1:9-15. The podcast explains why these words are so important.

Verse 9:

  • baptized – JESUS (of all people) was baptized. Why?
  • John – it must have been an honor for him to baptize Jesus.
  • Jordan – this is the place that makes the most sense.

Verse 10:

  • He saw – Greek is eido and it means “to notice”
  • parting – the skies parted. This is a stronger word than Matthew and Luke used. It means to tear, like tearing a garment.
  • Spirit – This is a significant statement
  • descending – what exactly did the Spirit look like?
  • this – Compared to the word you, it tells us some things

Verse 11:

  • heaven – same word as in verse 10, but used differently
  • beloved – It is possible to be a child of God and not please Him, but Jesus ALWAYS pleased His Father.
  • pleased – “to think well of”

Verse 12:

  • drove – probably the most interesting word in the text
  • wilderness – a place of “loneliness”

Verse 13:

  • 40 days – significant spots in history are discussed
  • tempted – to test, scrutinize
  • Satan – “the accuser”
  • angels ministered – This was missed in the episode, but it’s still important.

Verse 14:

  • prison – noted without explanation
  • preaching – What was the message and when did Jesus begin preaching it?
  • gospel  – good news
  • kingdom – this is the message of both John and Jesus

Verse 15:

  • fulfilled – to stuff [a net]
  • at hand – nearby
  • repent – it’s about sin, but also about believing the message


  1. Mark 1:9-11–Batpism of Jesus
  2. Mark 1:12-13–Temptation of Jesus
  3. Mark 1:14-15–Beginning the ministry


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