9 Mark 1:9-15, CPT

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In this episode we look for the Central Proposition of the Text by thinking through a series of 5 basic questions. These are designed to get you thinking about the text from various angles and engages you in the process of exposing the point this text makes.

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In this text the ministry of Jesus is launched. The events leading to this launch and the message he gave corroborated His essence as the Son of God.

Mark succinctly reveals the inherent authority of Jesus. When He stood to preach, this was no ordinary man. His essence was demonstrated and validated by every major “force” of reality. God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and even Satan’s tests all verify that this is the Christ, the Son of God.

If only people would stop and pay attention!

In this episode I walk you through the 5 major questions of a text and help you see the main point. Here are those questions, the immediate subquestions that relate, and the answers I promised on the episode:

  1. Does this text contain a statement of purpose? No.
    • Am I able to determine a possible purpose? Yes. 
    • Why would this information be included?
      • It is a part of the narrative of the final years of Jesus leading to the cross.
      • This points to a beginning of Jesus’ ministry differentiating it from the ministry of John.
    • How does this information help people?
      • Instead of teaching us to pursue opportunities to “fight Satan” by looking for temptations, this reminds us that we will face Satan even if we are righteous.
      • Overcoming temptation helps define and shape us as Christians.
    • Did this reveal some of God’s character?
      • If God allowed His Son, in whom He was “well pleased” to enter temptation and trial, we can know we will face it too, for our own good.
  2. Are there any theological judgments presented? In a way: the message of repentance is always important to note.
  3. Are there statements intended to be an example or warning to us? Only in that we have the example of Jesus winning over temptation and the warning/reminder that we will face it ourselves.
  4. Why would the Holy Spirit include this material? Discussed in the answer to #1.
  5. Are there any unusual statements or activities in the text relative to the culture represented? Nothing unusual (beyond the opening of the heavens of course), but there is something important. Jesus continued the message John began preaching.

Once these questions are answered (along with any other related questions that are sure to arise while thinking about the text) we seek out the CPT.

To find that Central Proposition, we need to ask two questions:

  1. What is the text talking about? Ultimately I landed on “authenticity”
  2. What does the text say about what it is talking about? The authenticity of Jesus was expressed in His baptism, His temptations, and in His preaching.

If you can answer those two questions, and the answer adequately explains all parts of the text, you can form one sentence that explains the heart of this passage.

The secret here is to be sure your sentence actually fits and explains all that is stated in the text. This will help you be sure you did not miss something there, and it will help you in the next step of finding personal application from it.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”” parallax=”” parallax_image=””][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]

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