Why This Method?

It’s good to question the methods we use in Bible study. The approach I use in the Constructing Faith Podcast is “Expository” in nature. For a practical definition, this is an approach that simply seeks to expose a particular text to find the message within it.

I believe this is a superior method of study because it forces me to deal with the text itself. The text becomes the deciding factor in what I learn. With the more popular topical approach, the one studying the Bible becomes the determining factor in what is learned.

There is room for topical lesson preparation, but if we depend upon it exclusively, we will be in serious spiritual trouble! Our ability to string passages together should not be considered proof of our ability to understand the Bible. Unfortunately, that is often the criteria we use in judging a Christian’s value in Bible study.

Someone once stated that topical sermons are like dynamite. They are quick and powerful. But expository lessons are slow burning and make the most impact over time. It is more “organic” and ensures that the growth that takes place is well-rounded and complete.

We’ve all seen our share of men and women who have the misfortune of only knowing how to study the Bible topically. While it is theoretically possible to get a well-rounded education by studying topic by topic, that is not what usually happens. We tend to study only those things that interest us in the moment, and sometimes those interests are motivated improperly. Add to these facts our inability to know everything that we need to learn before we learn it, and this approach (by itself) has the potential to cause many spiritual problems.

However, if we only study the Bible expositionally, we will eventually learn all the same lessons that topical lessons teach us and perhaps in a more well-rounded context.

That’s why I am making this podcast. I believe in this and am committed to helping you learn the steps in the process. So please, let me know how I can help! Sign up for our newsletter below, and stay informed when new insights are delivered.

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